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PARA DANCE UK and Synergy Dance partnership

.Para Dance UK and Synergy Dance are happy to announce their partnership. In bringing classes to the disability community and children with Special Educational Needs.

Both organisations have been working together over the last 6 months to help support and develop Synergy Dance services. To provide inclusive dance for SEN and the disability community. Patrick McGeough, Para Dance UK CEO, said”

“We have made some fantastic roads into working with Synergy Dance. In showcasing how their classes can include a wide range of the community. And how having a strong ethos and a clear level of understanding the community you’re working with enables more disabled people to have fun and be active”.

We are confident that dance can be accessible for all via our inclusive program.

The work done so far is showing a great impact not only on the disability community but on the teachers being trained.

Erin Shanks, Lead Synergy SEND Instructor said, “It has been an all-round extremely positive, rewarding and heart-warming experience and I enjoy every second, learning to adapt and fit in with the group as I teach them so that we are all included and have a good time. I feel these ever-growing skills and my capacity to be flexible and hold the class are supplement to my training with Para Dance UK”.

Rachael Hurton, Founder and Director of Synergy Dance Ltd, said:

“Erin and the Synergy team are working hard to bring inclusive dance to as many children and adults as possible. Any inclusive sport or dance is extremely important to those children or teens who would otherwise not be able to participate.  All children, regardless of whether they are able bodied, disabled or otherwise, deserve the opportunity to participate in dance and movement and sport.  Our SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) classes can be liberating for children and adults who may have limited range of movement or co-ordination”.

Heather, Mum of Lucy, who attends our Synergy SEN Movement and Dance class at Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex said,

“I attended the first session with a shy child, unsure of new surroundings.  The classes are ability led and fun.  My daughter’s self-esteem has increased and she is happy and confident within the lesson.  She ends every class telling me “dance is good”, I agree.”

Para Dance UK will continue to work with Synergy Dance. Ensuring the classes which we provide will enable as many disabled children as possible to be involved in dance. Synergy are providing classes for Special Educational Needs to deliver inclusive and fun movement classes for all.

If you would like to work with Synergy Dance, please take a look at our website or contact, 01483 234182.

If you want to hear more about the partnership between Para Dance UK and Synergy Dance, email


Para Dance UK are the UK National Governing Body for Para Dance Sport. They give everyone the opportunity to get involved in dance, and ensure that no individual is excluded. They run instructor courses, taster sessions and develop highly competitive athletes in the international field.

Synergy Dance® provide dance and fitness classes, courses, workshops, dance parties, holiday camps and SEND programs. Synergy Dance® is inclusive of all Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We also run Synergy instructor training and offer internships and work placements. We are expanding our Franchise and hope to get as many people involved in dance and fitness as possible.