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About Synergy Dance® Outreach On Demand Workouts

Synergy Dance® Outreach on demand workouts, stand out for their diverse range of inclusive digital activities and ability to reach out to all children and adults who can benefit from exercise. When the pandemic struck in 2020 – and in the thick of Covid-restrictions and a sudden pause to face-to-face activities – Synergy pivoted fast to serve all our children, adults, communities and service users. Just four days after lockdown in March 2020, we launched our first online platform of courses for dance, yoga and meditation with courses for children, teens, adults and seniors.

As a result of this our founder, Rachael Hurton, was named Entrepreneur of the month in recognition of Synergy’s ability to be flexible and to evolve to meet our audience’s needs: see May 2020 Business Platinum magazine.

In 2020 Synergy also launched two new seated brands: ParaStars Yoga® and ParaStars Dance™ – chair dance and yoga lessons to reach the elderly, the disability community and those with a long-term health condition. Many other innovations and new digital creations followed.

Synergy Dance® Outreach On Demand Workouts provide dance, meditation, pilates, fitness and yoga activities for mainstream children and those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in schools, care homes, leisure centres, gyms and with charity partners.

We now have some 700 lessons online and have won six awards – most recently Digital Business of the Year 2022 – and we continue to add to our platform to stay fresh and new for our customers.

Synergy Dance® Outreach Awards
  • 2022 Digital Business of the Year – Club Hub UK Awards
  • 2022 and 2021 Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence Specialist Dance School of the Year
  • Sport and Recreation Alliance National Diversity and Inclusion Award 2021
  • Leader of the Year 2021 Club Hub UK Awards 2021
  • Best Non-Profit Dance Outreach Programmes Provider 2022 – UK Awarding body: Acquisition International magazine
  • Award programme: 2022 Global Excellence Awards


Message from the founder, Rachael Hurton:

“These awards are in recognition of our innovation, quality of delivery and new digital products which are reaching everyone who can benefit from activity and exercise. 

“In changing times, the ability to reach beyond our existing audience and entice fresh children and adults to exercise is key to us. In an increasingly crowded marketplace making sure our activities are good value, fun, inclusive and attracting new generations of children is vital. Our hybrid onsite and digital delivery means children know the right class is waiting for them, whatever their ability, and that can be the missing piece of the motivation puzzle to keep active.”

Synergy Dance® Outreach On Demand Workouts - Junior Yoga
Synergy Dance® Outreach On Demand Workouts - Junior Dance
Synergy Dance® Outreach On Demand Workouts - Senior ParaStars Yoga
Synergy Dance® Outreach On Demand Workouts - Audio Yoga & Meditation