Our Instructors

Synergy Dance® Outreach instructors provide Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) programs including dance, movement, yoga, fitness and seated classes for all ages and levels of ability.

These take place both live and online – as a pre-recorded class, zoom, residency in a school during Curriculum time, workshop or club. Clubs may be before school, at lunch time or after school.

We collaborate with Para Dance UK, British Blind Sport and many other organisations for the provision of inclusive dance classes. We are Active Surrey School Engagement partners.

We also have specialist SEND and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) support staff on the team.

Many of our instructors have also worked in schools as primary or secondary teachers or Teaching Assistants.

All of our SEND instructors have attended specialist training with Para Dance UK to deliver sessions for children and adults with disabilities or Special Educational Needs (SEN) distance learning and online courses. Many have also qualified in Makaton, British Blind Sport Club webinars for teaching the blind and partially sighted and hold additional qualifications. Safeguarding is at the centre of our delivery, and each child is valued for their individuality.

How they work

We provide an ethical program for our instructors and customers and build our teams based on creativity, expertise and experience, loyalty and dedication. It’s not enough to be qualified on paper – our teachers need to build trust and inspiration with the participants they serve. We cherry pick our teachers for their ability to inspire, to be flexible and to bring out the best in everyone.

Our instructors are trained in responsive teaching which means we can give every child the opportunity to dance, try yoga, perform and keep fit – regardless of whether they are able-bodied, disabled or unable to cope in a mainstream environment.

Some children and adults may find it difficult to engage in group activities. Synergy Dance® Outreach instructors are experienced in using activities which will attract everyone into the group so that taking part becomes a fun experience. This is done in close collaboration with the staff at each school or with parents, for classes in leisure time. We encourage a face-to-face meeting between the instructor and the school prior to lessons taking place for live classes. We use props and PECS cards to enhance delivery and structure and encourage students to take part in the design and delivery of dance and the Arts. End of term performances are often attended by school teaching staff and other year groups to share the progress and experience!

Our unique teaching style

We have pioneered our flexible and free style of teaching (Synergy Dance free-teaching style™), along with Impro-Dance™ (freestyle, participant-led sections). Dance games and flexible teaching styles enhance the learning and dance experience for every group.

Many children wish to see pictures of their teacher before they meet, and we work with parents, carers and schools to fully support the transition to that first class. Each child or adult is unique and there is much preparation and attention to detail for each individual participant before class.


We seek instructors who have:

A current enhanced DBS check and First Aid
Para Dance UK or other teaching qualification and inclusive teaching experience
Up-to- date Child Protection & Safeguarding Children guidelines and we provide links to training
Experience of working with children with additional needs
Experience of working in a school environment
A disposition to be inclusive, patient and understanding
Internal ‘Continual Professional Development’ (CPD). This involves regular training, observations, qualification checks and reviews and client feedback
A passion for the Synergy mission to include everyone and work with each child.
An ability to think on their feet and go the extra mile for the love of their craft.

If you are interested in joining the Synergy team as a manager, instructor, volunteer or assistant please contact: admin@synergydance.co.uk with a CV and details of your experience.

We also offer work experience and placements for schools and universities.



SEND Dance & Party Leader


Inclusive Party Leader

Charlotte Newman graduated drama school in 2016 and is now a professional working actor. In her 'rest' periods she is an exercise and movement teacher who emphasises a fun and positive environment to work in.
FND Seated Dance


Inclusive Yoga/Dance Instructor


Dance & Party Leader


SEND Dance Leader

After completing her professional training in Performing Arts at The Italia Conti Academy, she performed extensively using her talents in TV, video, stage, Theatre In Education (TIE) performances, with Rough At The Edges covers band, and also writing and singing with her own band.


Inclusive Yoga Instructor


Inclusive Yoga & Pilates Leader


Inclusive Yoga & Meditation Leader

Vicky J

Dance Party & Workshop Leader

Behind the scenes at Synergy Dance Outreach




Marketing & Digital Project Manager


Party & Team Coordinator