Synergy Dance® Outreach aims to promote lifelong participation in dance and fitness and to reach all levels of fitness, ability and background – through our work in schools, leisure centres, outreach programs and funded charity work for under-represented or inactive groups.

We work both in mainstream and disability sectors. Our goal is to reach the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) community with dance, fitness and yoga classes for children and adults.

We provide inclusive opportunities for having fun and keeping fit where neither finance, fitness, ability, disability or family circumstance stand as barriers to participation. With our partners, we seek to engage with the disability community and offer participants opportunities to take part in inclusive dance, sporting and cultural activities.

Where to find us

We target those children and adults who may be less suited to team sports and prefer a dance option to keep fit. We provide inclusive, creative, fun and effective mixed dance classes; fitness classes, yoga and wellbeing courses, Art/Dance workshops; cookery and nutrition workshops and dance parties. We want to keep the next generation healthy and to target inactivity and the growing problem of obesity. Participants with a limited range of movement or sight problems will find uplifting and inspiring activities at Synergy.

Our unique Synergy formula

We offer a taste of many different dance styles from Ballroom & Acrobatics to Break & Street, inspired by the aim to Synergize the many different dance forms: a unique and ground-breaking effect.

Combined with improvisation and pupil-led choreography, our program is reactive rather than prescriptive, and we work with what our clients want.

Will Norman

In an article by Will Norman it was noted that:

“Competitive sports will work for some people. But if we want to get the most inactive active, we need to change our thinking. We need a philosophy that’s driven by the people we are trying to target and not provide things that the most inactive don’t want to do”.