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Synergy Dance® Outreach gains National Lottery funding

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PRESS RELEASE: 26 June 2024

Synergy Dance® Outreach gains National Lottery funding

Synergy Dance® Outreach is delighted to have been awarded National Lottery funding from Sport England to support their dance, fitness and yoga classes for those with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

The grant will allow Synergy Dance® Outreach to support members of the disability community to access innovative dance and movement classes.

Flexible Fitness – Synergy Seated Dance, Fitness & Yoga

The funded project will deliver 3 x 12-week programs of accessible weekly seated dance, fitness and yoga for older people, adults with disabilities, Long Covid and long-term health conditions in Brighton/Hove.

A set of 10 online video classes will also be delivered.

ParaStars Dance™ and ParaStars Yoga® are seated classes specifically designed for adults and seniors with disabilities, limited mobility, frailty or long-term health conditions. These classes are also suitable for participants with dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

ParaStars Dance™ sessions feature fun and uplifting music and dance moves that increase fitness, confidence, creativity and overall wellbeing.

Enjoyable routines enhance flexibility and muscle strength. The focus on posture and movement promotes stress reduction, and the exercise supports better health, improved toning and fitness and increased stamina, which all help to boost the immune system.

ParaStars Yoga® features calming music and gentle yoga poses that are perfect for increasing fitness, confidence, relaxation, and overall wellbeing. Participants engage in enjoyable stretching, breathing and relaxation exercises that enhance flexibility and core strength while benefiting from a soothing environment.

The classes bring harmony to the mind and body through postures and stretches, aiding focus and improving fitness, core strength, flexibility, motor skills, and posture.

ParaStars Dance™ and ParaStars Yoga® classes include both upper body-only and combined upper and lower body movements to cater to different abilities and needs. We offer differentiated seated movement options to accommodate all levels of ability and fitness. Our inspiring teachers get to know what each person needs most.

CEO of the charity, Rachael Hurton is thrilled to have been awarded the funding:

‘We are delighted to receive recognition and funding from Sport England and the National Lottery. We believe that dance, yoga and movement should be accessible to all, and we enable people of all ages and abilities enjoy our sessions both in person and online. This funding will open up our offer to more numbers of deserving people who can benefit from Synergy’s unique formula.’


Notes to Editors

For more details about the project please contact Kathryn O’Toole:

Synergy Dance® Outreach is a registered charity, determined to make a difference, offering an inclusive and hybrid model of activities for all, where different levels of fitness and finance are not barriers to participation.

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About Sport England

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