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Mindfulness & Wellbeing Resources for Children

By 2nd March 2022 No Comments
Mindfulness and Wellbeing Resources for Children

Synergy Dance® Outreach has been featured, in ClubHub UK’s latest blog post – Mindfulness & Wellbeing Resources for Children, which brings a host of resources for children to help benefit their mental health and wellbeing. 

Over the past two years, our children have battled through COVID and multiple lockdowns, which meant no friends, no families, no routines, no schools, clubs or parties! And, over the recent weeks, they have been hearing about war and war crimes as a war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine. 

In light of the above, many children will be facing or expressing signs of poor mental health. They might be finding it hard to re-adjust, or they might be feeling scared or anxious and overwhelmed. 

So, if you’re looking for additional resources to help your children through these difficult times, click the link below and see all of the online mindfulness and wellbeing activities for children that Club Hub have put together.

If you’re looking for in-person activities to help your children socialise and improve their interaction and communication skills, we have a whole host of in-person workshops and classes. Including, classes for SEN and Disabled children and teens.

To find out more about what we do, and our charity mission go here –