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Benefits of Online Exercise

By 3rd June 2021 No Comments
Benefits of Online Exercise

Throughout lock-down, we worked tirelessly to create an inclusive online platform for our clients, both old and new. That bought people together in a way that we never envisaged. The main aim of this platform was to help stop the feelings of isolation and enable people to stay healthy. In addition to staying safe, and because there are also many benefits of online exercise it enabled people to stay fit and keep up morale too!

Now that restrictions have eased, people might be going back to in-person classes, which is fantastic! 

But we wanted to remind you that our platform is still here. We’re constantly adding new material for those of you who still feel uneasy about the return to face-to-face activities. Our online platform is also great for those who prefer to exercise at home or want to add in extra exercise between your face-to-face classes.

Whilst in-person and face to face classes have numerous benefits, so do online workouts! We’ve put together a list of our benefits of online exercise, as mentioned by our current clients;
  • Exercise at a time that suits you. Everyone is busy, between work, health, family and friends, it’s not always possible to attend fixed sessions. With online classes, you can choose to sign-in and do as much or as little as you have time for.
  • Affordability. Not everyone can afford expensive classes or gym sessions. Especially if you have additional needs and requirements that need catering for. Our online platform is completely free, and doesn’t require any additional petrol or parking costs either!
  • Motivation and Accountability. Online training does involve more self-motivation, but when it involves no travel or time restrictions it makes working out less stressful.
  • Confidence. Not everyone has the confidence to jump right in to in-person classes especially if Dance or Yoga is a new field of interest. With our online platform you can bridge the gap and get to grips with the basics. Increasing your confidence to later enable in-person classes if desired.
  • Accessibility. Loads of our clients have issues with accessibility whether that be issues with transport or finding classes that are best suited to their needs. With our online platform we have courses specifically tailored to suit all needs including SEN, VI, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Disabilities and other Long Term Health Conditions.

If you’d like to try out our platform, or are interested in partnering with us on future projects use the details below!

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