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What happened this week on Strictly Come Dancing?

Catch with what happened this week on Strictly Come Dancing as Rachael Hurton and James Cannon talk about it live, on air!

On Monday 20 November Rachael Hurton talked all things Strictly Come Dancing with James Cannon at Radio Surrey. The previous week saw dancers based at Blackpool in the majestic setting of the Tower Ballroom floor. Bobby and Dianne faced Angela and Kai in a dance off, and the latter couple went out.

A clip was played of Angela Rippon saying how the last few weeks had been terrifying, glorious and joyful all at once, and she had the time of her life. She said there was a team spirit like nowhere else. She praised Kai as being an old soul on young shoulders – the age gap between them did not matter, and he was a terrific teacher. He and his partner Nadia are beautiful people, she said.

Rachael commented that this was one of the best ballroom showcases she had sat through as a whole on Saturday.

She thinks that Angela can be really proud of herself, and that she conducted herself with dignity and grace. Rachael loved Angela’s posture and elegant poise. She commented that Angela is amazingly fit for 79 – an inspiration to everyone!

Rachael went on to comment that Synergy classes include yoga and pilates, as well as dance and online and in person classes for all ages. Pilates is about posture and alignment, yoga works on flexibility, toning and strength, and if you can combine this with dance it’s fantastic.

Never having been to the Tower Ballroom, Rachael had nonetheless heard about the famous “bouncy floor”. The presenter commented that they have a tea dance every day there.

When asked about Bobby, Rachael mentioned that Bobby has been flagged up as having his best week, and he was very entertaining; the judges liked him. However, nobody is safe now, anyone can go out she said. Rachael feels that Bobby and Dianne bring everything to their dancing. The presenter asked who’s likely to be out next week – a difficult call, Rachael says. The presenter asked how quickly you can get into dance; she recommended to give it at least three classes, as sometimes people are low on confidence and need time to adjust. After about eight weeks the difference is phenomenal, she says. Her advice is: Don’t worry too much about the steps, just listen to the music and enjoy yourself. You’ll keep fit and have fun!

Listen to the radio chat here.

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Rachael Hurton, Founder of Synergy Dance, talks all things Strictly

Rachael and James talk Strictly Come Dancing

Rachael Hurton, Founder of Synergy Dance, talks all things Strictly with BBC Radio Surrey on the morning show on Monday 2nd October. Rachael and the presenter discuss the dance off, dancing couples to watch and the benefits of dance for ages.

The programme is a couple of weeks in.

Rachael commented that Les Dennis was the first celebrity to be voted off. Was he the right person to go? Whilst great at entertainment and a lot of fun, he did need to work on footwork. The Samba is a tricky dance that typically accounts for people going out.

Nikita needs to work on technique but has musicality, while Jody and Jowita struggled.

Technique generally is very high this year, and Rachael saw a lot of improvement this week. She was impressed with Amanda and Giovanni – Amanda has musicality and performance and nailed the salsa.

Angela Rippon is dancing with Kai. Angela has commented that dance is fantastic for an ageing population. She believes it is the best exercise for mind and body – and this is borne out by older Synergy clients, who relish the company’s dance, yoga and movement classes which are designed for all ages.

Angela Scanlon and Carlos did the jive this week and really stepped up – Rachael thinks they are a couple to watch. Bobby and Diane are popular too with their energetic routines.

Whilst on air – We were asked about the company. Synergy is a very inclusive dance programme, available both on demand and on site in leisure centres, schools, care homes and more. Synergy Active Online is also a public resource for learning dance routines On Demand at home. The organisation has won nine awards including Digital Dance and Fitness Provider of the year.

Rachael says, ‘We love dance and want to get everybody moving!’ Strictly Come Dancing filmed a Synergy class in November 2021 and the Radio show host recalled this exciting event.

Rachael encourages everyone to dance whatever their age or circumstances! Dance has proven benefits backed by scientific research, enables production of mood-boosting endorphins and can help address emotional and psychological challenges. Put simply, it makes us feel good! It can help reduce stress, build confidence, and promote emotional regulation and resilience. It can be enjoyed in class but also, once techniques are learned, practised at home to provide lifelong benefits.

Listen to the interview here: https://youtu.be/CXG48uyWjgk

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A Year Since Strictly Come Dancing

A Year Since Strictly Come Dancing

We can’t believe it’s been a year since Strictly Come Dancing, where we got to dance with a group of our incredibly talented SEND Children and several of our highly-qualified and resilient instructors that worked tirelessly to pull the performance together.

Did you manage to catch us on last-years series? If not, you can catch up here – A Year Since Strictly Come Dancing: https://youtu.be/FCEkpvX5dEY

Have you been watching this year’s series? What have you thought so far about the contestants and the level of talent and overall dancing? Do you agree with who has gone home, or has your favourite already left?

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s what Synergy’s founder thinks so far, as she discussed her views live on BBC Surrey yesterday with the wonderful, James Cannon – https://youtu.be/o13FPUZFa-M

Do you want to get your children involved in our next ‘big thing’? Find out more about what we do here: https://synergydanceoutreach.co.uk/what-is-synergy-dance-outreach/

‘Deaf Dancer’ on Strictly Come Dancing 2021

Rose Ayling-Ellis

‘Deaf Dancer’ on Strictly Come Dancing 2021

Strictly Come Dancing has been a favourite among our instructors and young dancers ever since they can remember. But, this year was extra-special because not only were we invited to be a part of Strictly Come Dancing 2021, but the lineup included Rose Ayling-Ellis. Who flew the flag for the deaf community and inspired millions with disabilities to pursue their dreams. 

But how will she hear the music – Rose Ayling-Ellis?

When Strictly Come Dancing 2021 announced that it would have its first-ever deaf contestant, we saw the above question popping up time and time again. 

So, we thought we would tell you how our young deaf dancers take on their disability and completely rule the dance floor!

  • Through vibrations that can be felt through the studio floor
  • By following their partners lead, and instructors body language

Things to Consider

Merely asking, ‘Can a deaf person dance?’ is very abrupt and will be added to the long list of judgemental questions from the deaf/hard of hearing community. Here at Synergy Dance® Outreach, we wanted to remind everyone that anyone with a disability can do anything they put their mind to with the right support, passion and determination. 

It’s also important to remember that a lack of one sense improves and raises the others, and don’t forget music involves more than just your ears.

Final Words about Strictly Come Dancing 2021

We wanted to say a huge thank you again to Strictly Come Dancing. For allowing us to be a part of their show this year and for flying the flag for inclusivity. A huge congratulations to Rose – you completely knocked our socks off and have inspired young people across the nation simply by being you. 

Inclusive Classes

Synergy Dance on Strictly Come Dancing

Children Inspired by Rose and Strictly Come Dancing 2021