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Benefits of after school clubs

There are many benefits of after school clubs and over the years they have evolved dramatically and nowadays offer broad choices ranging from origami to pizza club.

Why after school clubs succeed
Clubs began by providing extra supervision for school children from working families, However they now offer immense possibilities for young people – both academic and social – and can help children to thrive and develop new skills and abilities.

Sporting activities can support pupils’ physical development, while artistic and creative classes can improve their academic achievement. Sessions provide motivation, fun and excitement and enable participants to enjoy new experiences. Classes improve fitness, foster self esteem and confidence, and support the academic curriculum.

Academic advantages
Clubs of all sorts are shown to foster improved academic ability and social skills. Successful classes may include maths, English, creative writing or a language. And physical classes such as dance and ballet also provide these benefits too. Research has proven that children involved in after school activities get higher grades compared to their peers who did not take part. This effect is marked in disadvantaged youngsters from poorer homes: pupils from this background who attend activities make significantly more progress by the age of 11.

And after school clubs and activities are also good for the schools who host them. Better academic performance of students taking part in clubs has a knock-on effect on the school’s exam pass rates – boosting their performance in league tables and making the school more desirable to prospective parents.

After school clubs may take place in schools, libraries or other local bodies. The most productive learning areas are those where children show natural aptitude – whether in art and design, maths, English, drama or dance. It is very important that the child enjoys the activity and has fun after a long day at school when they may be tired. And when a young person is engaged productively in an activity, this is when they learn most effectively and retain information.

After school clubs offer the advantages of good relations with the staff, low cost, ease of access, flexibility and familiarity with the environment.

Synergy after school clubs
Our after school classes cover an exciting range of styles, and we can specialise on request. Delivery is for both mainstream pupils and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our clubs enable pupils to be involved in class design and delivery. We offer rewards and encourage peer-to-peer support.

Classes include a warm-up, cool down, dance drills, fitness elements, exciting routines and improvisation. Synergy Dance routines can be performed in assemblies and school showcases. Lessons appeal to both girls and boys. We share pupils’ development over the term and parents/carers are invited to attend the End of Term View. This way they can share our excitement at their children’s progress! We also deliver school holiday workshops.

Furthermore we provide high-quality instruction and delivery, and good-value, inclusive classes. We can help your school to target inactivity levels and reach the recommended one hour of exercise per day. Find out more about our afterschool clubs.