Come and join us at the University of Hertfordshire (College Lane Campus) – Dance Fusion for some fun, upbeat and innovative dance sessions. These classes will help you learn musical technique and get fit whilst having fun. It’s a great way to incorporate self expression into your curriculum – these dance sessions can be used to work towards end of term performances and shows and as a way to fundraise for your campus.

University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EU

Class dates:
215th January – 21st March 2024 – classes run from 18:00 – 19:00

Class description for University of Hertfordshire (College Lane Campus) – Dance Fusion:
Dance fusion at the University of Hertfordshire is a type of contemporary social improvised partner dance that combines different dance styles to create a new aesthetic. It does not require conforming to any particular defined dance styles, but typically uses a lead-follow approach that emphasises musicality.

Booking details:
Please contact your University Campus, De Havilland for details on how to enrol and join this session. If you’d like to have our classes in your school or University please get in touch using the details below. We offer termly, weekly, daily, monthly, curriculum or one off sessions. We can also offer one off themed sessions for festive occasions and events.

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If you’re looking for SEND/inclusive sessions, please go here. For more information about the sessions we offer, please go here.

March 14 @ 18:00
18:00 — 19:00 (1h)

University of Hertfordshire