Come and join our Greenfields School – Yoga and Mindfulness session on Wednesdays and relax and unwind before school. These classes will help your child relax, unwind and de-stress ready to take on the school day.

Class description:

Year Groups: YR 3 & YR 6.

Mini Yoga & Mindfulness – 8:00 – 8:45 am

Relax and unwind in our fun introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness. An excellent way to relieve stress, recharge and learn new skills. Synergy yoga classes are fun and children will build core stability, resistance and toning, improving posture and well-being.

The skills gained within the Yoga and Mindfulness class can generally expand to other areas in life, ultimately helping those with special educational needs lead more balanced, healthy, socially integrated and independent lives. These classes are designed for primary-aged children with Learning and Additional Needs. These may include autism, physical difficulties and/or medical needs. This course also aims to enrich children’s well-being and classes explore friendship, confidence and kindness.

Class dates for Greenfields School – Yoga and Mindfulness:

Tuesday 10th January 2024 – 20th March 2024

If you’d like your children/children to attend this session, you can book on here. To find out more about school clubs and classes, go here.

March 13 @ 08:00
08:00 — 08:45 (45′)

Greenfields Junior School