Synergy Dance® Outreach is a mixed dance fitness program for infants, juniors, teens and adults. We deliver a new approach within schools, leisure centres, Home education groups, funded organisations and the community. The Synergy formula includes a mix of choreography, methodology, music, drama and dance steps.

Synergy Dance® Outreach will deliver Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in schools, after-school clubs and daytime courses, with lunchtime Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) support.

We break down barriers which prevent children and adults from taking part in an activity or from enjoying healthy eating and lifestyles.

Our action-packed classes are full of energy, fun and flair for all and encourage creativity and imagination through dance. Children and young people have space and freedom to grow, learn new skills, experience different dance styles, keep fit and make friends.

Inclusive – Bringing Synergy to everyone

All children, regardless of whether they are able-bodied, disabled or unable to cope in a mainstream environment, deserve the opportunity to participate in dance and movement and sport.

SENCO support can help autistic children and any children suffering from exclusion.

Our partners

We have formed partnerships with Para Dance UK, Surrey Choices, Active Surrey School Engagement, Exercise Dance Movement UK (EDMUK), GoFestUK, Guildford Borough Council, FISH (Fun In The School Holidays), CHIPS, Cracking Good Food, Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex and Sight for Surrey.

FISH (Fun in the School Holidays) is an inclusive school holiday activity program for children aged 10–16 while Sport England, The Arts Council, Active Surrey, Crowdfunding, Just Act and Surrey Playing Fields Association have all supported us with funding initiatives.

Why Synergy works

We include everyone in our classes with our program for SEND and mainstream dance and fitness. Our team are committed and hand-picked for their dancing talent and ability to connect with children and adults – to inspire and enrich their day.

What we do

We provide an inclusive Dance Movement class for SEND or mainstream participants which inspires imaginative dance, builds confidence, strengthens co-ordination and nurtures a quality environment where participants can relax, make friends and be creative! We also deliver yoga, art, cookery and themed workshops and classes.

Our program appeals to everyone and breaks down stereotypes.

We have a good mix of male and female instructors on the team to inspire boys and girls to dance and keep active.

Who is Synergy for?

  • (Boys and girls) aged 3–5 years – SYNERGY Tots™
  • (Boys and girls) aged 5–7 and 7–11 – SYNERGY Juniors™
  • (Boys and girls) aged 12–16 – SYNERGY Teens™
  • Adults and families – Synergy WellFit™ (18+ years and seniors)


Synergy SEND Dance and Movement™ (children) Guildford Spectrum, leisure centres and schools

Synergy SEND Dance and Movement™ (adults) – in Surrey Choices venues and hospitals

Synergy SEND Yoga & Wellbeing™ for adults and children – in leisure centres and schools

Synergy Art and Dance™ for adults and children – in outreach centres

Synergy Sit and Be Fit™ for adults and children – juniors and teens – in Surrey Choices venues, White Lodge Centre and hospitals

Synergy Dance & Movement (Mental Health) for adults

Synergy Dance & Movement (MS/Parkinsons) for adults

Synergy Outreach delivers 45-minute lunclunchtimesions in schools to target inactive children who may especially benefit from an inclusive and specialist dance and movement class.

Impro-Dance™ (freestyle, participant-led sections). Dance games and flexible teaching styles enhance the learning and dance experience for every group, improving memory, creative skills, coordination and musicality.

Our classes are designed not to be competitive, rather they are supportive, fun, challenging and exciting to all who attend.

The future

In the long term, we predict that the Synergy Dance® program will help to strengthen our young people, relieve their daily pressures, improve their fitness level and in turn may enhance performance and confidence levels.

We intend to:

  • Reach more participants with SEN
  • Pioneer new ways of exercising
  • Build up our capacity of skilled and trained instructors
  • Provide quality dance provision at affordable prices
  • Provide opportunities for children to perform in the community
  • Work with the local community
  • Facilitate the engagement of volunteers, internships and placements

We would like young people to be ‘dancing in their sleep’ and promote the Synergy Dance® Outreach program as a life choice, which starts in schools, leisure centres and the local community.

Children ‘dance to their own tune’ and find that fitness is fun, leading them towards a healthier lifestyle and opportunities to perform.

Following our success in London, Surrey and Kent, Synergy is expanding into a franchise throughout the UK.

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