Para Dance UK

Synergy Dance® Outreach partnership with Para Dance UK

Synergy Dance® Outreach and Para Dance UK are working together to expand our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) program throughout the UK.

Para Dance UK are the national governing body for Para Dance Sport in the UK. They aim to develop and promote dance as a sport and an inclusive leisure activity across the country for those who would otherwise be excluded.

Our founder says of the alliance: ‘We are working in partnership with Para Dance UK to provide inclusive dance training for Synergy instructors to teach Special Educational Needs and disability classes in schools and leisure centres. To read more about our instructors click here.

‘The best thing about being involved in inclusive sport and dance is seeing the children happy and knowing that we are making them feel normal. A lot of children, especially older children and teens, understand that they are different but we are giving them the opportunity to undertake dance, yoga, art and other activities that have otherwise been impossible for them. This is a big relief for parents and carers too, who are looking for exciting activities that both inspire their children and will help to keep them fit. Many have said our program is a breath of fresh air.’

Rachael Swann, Founder, Synergy Dance Ltd and Synergy Dance Outreach

Patrick McGeough is CEO of Para Dance UK. He has provided this statement in support of our partnership:

‘Our aim is to promote and develop wheelchair dancing as a sport and leisure activity across the country, to raise the standard of instruction and competition in the UK and internationally at all levels, as well as making dance, in whatever form, FUN, exciting and something that individuals who take part in wheelchair dance are proud to say “I can do that.”’

‘We welcome working with Synergy Dance® Outreach to engage more disabled individuals to be active through dance and look forward to supporting them to ensure that all the activity they offer is open to the whole community as well as giving opportunities to training and develop new activity around competition and supporting people to be the best they can be.’

Patrick McGeough, Chief Executive Officer, Para Dance UK